Mathson History
  • Mathson Industries was founded in 1995 by Boney Mathew

  • Corporate Headquarters located in Troy, Michigan, USA

  • Concept to production development of products

  • Technical services including CAD, engineering & analysis 

  • Manufacturer of Plastic, Elastomer, Ceramic & Metal Injection Molded Components & Systems

  • Metal and Ceramic injection expertise. (22 patents relating to this technology)

  • Mathson innovated and developed over twelve patented and patent pending technologies for customers in focused areas such as fuel filters, thermostat assemblies, pedal systems, EGR systems, exhaust systems, Integrated plastic roof, spoiler and exterior systems.

1737 Thunderbird Street, Troy, MI 48084 USA
Tel: 248 821-5478 Fax: 248 251-0058
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